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1- MSc of Family Counseling, University of Tehran, Iran
2- Faculty Member of Psychology Department, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Lorestan University, Khorramabad, Iran (Corresponding Author) , sadeghi.m@lu.ac.ir
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Background & Aims: Studies have shown that people with ADHD who are heavily affected by severe illnesses Sexual function is a part of human life and behavior that is influenced by many biological, psychological, and social factors. Regarding the relationship between sexual function and mental health and the many problems that dialysis patients are involved with, this study was performed to predict the sexual function of dialysis patients based on adherence to treatment and resiliency. Materials & Methods: The research design was correlational. The statistical population consisted of all dialysis patients in Khorramabad hospitals. Sample size consisted of 101 dialysis patients. The instruments used in this study were questionnaires of sexual function, adherence to treatment regimen and resiliency whose validity and reliability were confirmed. Descriptive statistics (mean and standard deviation) and inferential statistics (correlation and regression) were used for data analysis by SPSS 24 software. Results: The results showed that 46% of sexual function was predictable by adherence to treatment regimen and resiliency of dialysis patients. Conclusion: It seems that adherence to treatment regimen and resiliency are factors affecting sexual function of dialysis patients and have a relatively decisive role in enhancing sexual function of dialysis patients. Therefore, adherence to therapeutic and resiliency regimens can be improved in these patients.
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